We offer a complete bookkeeping service using Xero accounting software, which is entirely flexible.  We can do as little or as much as is required.  Invoices, bills, expenses, bank reconciliations, journal entries, etc.  The beauty of Xero is that the line can be drawn anywhere, and both you and your bookkeeper can be ‘on the same page’, whether you would like to delegate it all or do most of the work yourself and have us post only a few journals and keep a watchful eye.


Provision of bookkeeping services also includes preparation and electronic submission of your VAT return.


We have a team of friendly skillful bookkeepers, with a named person allocated to each client.  All bookkeepers are closely supervised by a qualified accountant.




We have taken a conscious decision not to use legacy desktop systems for bookkeeping, because they are inefficient both for you and for us.  If you want us to do your bookkeeping, we will be using Xero.

We have decided to do this because we believe using a well-designed and well-supported Cloud-based accountancy software is best for your business.  Here are a few examples:

  • Are you still paying a finance assistant to manually code and key in your staff’s expense claims into the Excel spreadsheet and then post the entry into Sage?  With Xero, your staff can input their own expense claims, you can authorise them and pay them with a few clicks of a button.


  • Are your staff still sending in receipts into the head office to be checked, coded and filed away?  With Xero, your staff can take a picture of the receipt using their mobile phone and send it directly to Xero.  No paper trail.


  • Are you still using order books or a Word processor to generate quotes and then type up invoices, send them to your customers in the post, and then raise the invoice entry in your accounting software?  Do it all with a few clicks from your mobile phone.  Get paid in a matter of minutes.


Still not convinced?  Let us do a demo session of Xero so you can see for yourself.


If you are not using Xero at the moment, we will help you convert and train you and your staff.



Over time, if you wanted to reduce your bookkeeping costs, we would be more than happy to train you and support you in using Xero yourself.




We charge £25 per hour for bookkeeping services, including preparation of VAT returns.  We will talk to you about your particular requirements (i.e. how much of the bookkeeping you want us to do, accuracy of the information, etc) and estimate the number of hours per month – this will become your fixed monthly charge.  After we start working with you, we will advise you how to achieve further efficiencies in order to reduce bookkeeping fees going forward.


Interested?  Drop us an e-mail or ring 0116 239 6511.