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Cloud Accounting – Do’s and Don’ts Seminar


Many accountancy practices will have heard of – or perhaps even started to adopt – cloud-based accounting solutions.

If you are still wondering what the hype is all about and what’s in it for your firm, then this course is for you.

You will discover:

  • Practical ways to reduce your costs by being ‘in the cloud’
  • How to use cloud-based solutions to offer new services to your clients
  • Dos and don’ts of cloud-based solutions


Cloud Accounting – Transition Your Practice and Manage the Change


With the advances in the Cloud technology and the array of benefits it offers, most accountancy practices have made a move towards adopting Cloud accounting. But many have also found transitioning from the traditional model to the Cloud model – both for themselves and for their clients – a particular challenge.

If you have decided to take your practice to the next level by embracing Cloud accounting, this course will show you how to transition your practice and your clients.

What You Will Learn

Following the course, expect to take away the following:

  • Understand the challenges of transforming into a Cloud-based practice
  • Learn about the tools which can help you to make a smooth transition
  • Ideas for changing hearts and minds and inspiring your colleagues to adopt the Cloud
  • Approaches for converting clients from the traditional paper-based model to the Cloud
  • How to develop an effective transition plan for your practice (plus a worked example of such a plan)
  • Examples of changes which are likely to be needed to the way of working, policies and procedures and up-skilling your staff
  • Common challenges during transition and how to overcome them
  • How to convert your clients to the Cloud
  • Effective transition planning for conversion to the Cloud
  • How to streamline your practice and support your clients using the Cloud



Where and When:


Both seminars will be run FOR THE LAST TIME in Nottingham, 6th July 2018




HOW TO BOOK: Click on the link to book via MBL Seminars